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DESY continuously pushes the boundaries of what is technologically possible. The development, construction, and operation of large-scale research facilities require a high degree of precision, reliability, and stability. Basic research on these devices results in inventions, technologies, and processes that open up new solutions for production and analysis processes used in industry.

Through targeted technology transfer, DESY makes its ideas and innovations available to industry and society and, together with stakeholders from science, society and industry, translates them into new applications to solve current and future challenges. DESY provides free capacities of its research facilities, grants licenses for the use of its technical solutions and generates new know-how in cooperations with companies.

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DESY Areas of Expertise

DESY has expertise in many areas that drive innovations for business and industry. These include:

Medical technology and diagnostics

The testing set-ups in our research facilities require absolute precision, reliability, and cleanness. These requirements are also essential for medical technology and pharmaceutical research in order to develop innovative solutions. In diagnostics, for example, new imaging methods in photon research are leading the way.

Laser-based technologies

DESY is developing the lasers of the future and is using them to expand the possibilities of laboratory-based examination methods. Laser technologies in the femtosecond range, for example, offer many possible industrial applications. In this field, two start-ups that originated in DESY research have already successfully positioned themselves within the market. Read more about Cycle and Class 5 Photonics.


DESY's expertise in nanotechnologies is first and foremost in analytics. The research center has a wide range of technologies at its disposal for imaging and analyzing even the smallest details of matter – for example, the synchrotron radiation produced by DESY’s eponymous particle accelerator or facilities such as the X-ray photoelectron spectroscope or the scanning tunneling microscope in the DESY NanoLab. There are possibilities for a variety of different collaborations here.

Electronics and communication technologies, automation

Anyone operating complex particle accelerator facilities must also design and develop new electronics and communications technologies for the experiments conducted in these facilities. One example is the open communication standard MicroTCA.4, which today is used in the European XFEL.

Detector and sensor technologies

DESY has unique expertise in this area, from large detectors for research, such as those used at CERN's LHC, to smaller, highly complex detectors used in the research stations of our synchrotron. DESY employees build a wide variety of detectors and sensors and work with them on a daily basis. The applications range from medical diagnostics to process control in industrial manufacturing.

Accelerator-based technologies

DESY is Germany's leading accelerator center and its expertise in this field is unparalleled internationally. The possible combinations of DESY’s complex methods – from superconducting "cold" accelerator technology through magnet developments to cryogenic and vacuum technologies – leads to DESY’s enormous potential for innovation.

New and complex materials

DESY has decades of experience in the development and application of sophisticated analytical methods. The research center can thus help its partners gain a completely new understanding of the properties of the materials they want to work with. Companies can tailor these properties precisely to their needs and thereby design and develop entirely new products.
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Success with DESY technology

At DESY, new technologies are constantly being developed and existing technologies are constantly enhanced. If one of these technologies has the potential for commercial use, DESY researchers are free to set up their own companies and then acquire the license from DESY to use the technology. Some inventions are also developed by DESY employees in collaboration with companies, which then become licensees. Additionally, a company could acquire the license for a DESY innovation that it was not part of developing. In any case, companies can various ways to benefit from the technologies at DESY. Many have already done so and have built up successful businesses based on these technologies.