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Basic research and entrepreneurship work well together

Business ideas and good business models: DESY researchers and engineers have a lot to offer in these areas. The DESY Start-up Office provides individual advice to founders and start-ups that offer high-tech products or services. You can rely on our strong network in Hamburg, Brandenburg, and beyond.

High-tech start-ups are demanding and products such as laser systems or detectors are highly complex, so it often takes a longer amount of time before business flourishes. This is why DESY's infrastructure and consulting services aim to transform this relatively long incubation period into healthy corporate growth.

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Consulting hours for founders

The start-up consultants in the beyourpilot network offer a completely informal consultation when it comes to questions about funding and knowledge-based start-ups. Simple and informal. Every Tuesday.

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Offers for founders


From the initial idea phase to developing a business plan and securing funding, we are at your side to advise you as you build your own company. We also work with founders who have previous experience, not just first-time entrepreneurs.

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Nobody can know how to do everything! But managing a company requires broad knowledge. So, we offer a wide range of events, workshops, and training courses to help you learn – from idea workshops to business model canvas workshops, and from training on how to pitch your idea all the way to export law.

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We’ll help you determine which financing options are best for your start-up idea, from grants to venture capital. We will also support you in the application process.

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Office and lab spaces

In the Innovation Village, special office, laboratory, workshop, and co-working areas are available to founders on start-up-friendly terms. And the planned Innovation Centre will further expand the infrastructure for start-ups and young companies on campus.

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Our large network opens up many possibilities for start-up founders, including discussions with other founders, start-up events, and introductions to potential investors. We focus particularly on networking events that serve to connect various founders, such as the PIER Lunch Talk, Business meets Physics, HHIS, Hamburger Gründertag…

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Prototyping in the workshops, use of lasers, quality assurance tests: on campus, your start-up can benefit from a multifaceted infrastructure during its first steps into the market.

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Find out what it means to found a business

The start-up consultants in the Start-up Office and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about starting your own business.

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Success with DESY technology

At DESY, new technologies are constantly being developed and existing technologies are constantly enhanced. If one of these technologies has the potential for commercial use, DESY researchers are free to set up their own companies and then acquire the license from DESY to use the technology. Some inventions are also developed by DESY employees in collaboration with companies, which then become licensees. Additionally, a company could acquire the license for a DESY innovation that it was not part of developing. In any case, companies can various ways to benefit from the technologies at DESY. Many have already done so and have built up successful businesses based on these technologies.