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Success with Detector Technology for Science

The X-Spectrum team has long known how to do it. With the support of DESY and the DESY start-up office, their business on campus was developed and expanded. In order to ensure the future-proofing of production on taxes, the company will soon pay into its own premises in the Start-up Labs Bahrenfeld and it will be heard very much.

How long has X-Spectrum been around and what do you do exactly?


X-Spectrum was founded in 2014. We are developing and buiilding high end detectors for scientific use. It is our vision to help foster scientific progress through research with synchrotron radiation - and to do that you need the detectors to capture all relevant information. Our first product was the LAMBDA system, an X-ray camera with special sensor materials for efficient hard X-ray detection. .

Was it the USP of your products and services?

X-Spectrum can not only handle the camera itself, but also the IT rights and software for seamless integration into the most common synchrotron radiation sources. We strongly believe that detectors can be easy-to-use plug-and-play devices. Our team is experienced in setting everything up so that scientists conducting experiments at synchrotron radiation sources do  not have to worry about setting detectors up or finetuning them, but canfully concentrate on their experiments. Ultimately that leads to better data and insights.

What are the advantages for your company of being located on the DESY campus?

Thanks to the close cooperation with DESY and just being plugged in with several scientists, we at X-Spectrum can feed all this information into our innovation cycle for better products. In addition, the infrastructure on campus was important to get us off to a successful start - especially in during the first years of our business. We are very much looking forward to moving to the Start-up Labs Bahrenfeld, the innovation center on campus, later in 2021. Here we can extend our production capacities.


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