Ideas to Market


At the German Electron Synchrotron DESY, it's not just about research, but also about start-ups. The advisors from the DESY Start-up Office are available to provide individual advice to interested people and founders from the scientific community.


The Companies

High-tech start-ups in particular are often very demanding and products such as laser systems or detectors are highly complex. The companies listed here are active in these and other areas and have been or are still being supported by the DESY Start-up Office. The big advantage: the DESY Start-up Office team knows and takes into account the special requirements of start-ups from science.

Portraitfoto von Axiom Insights

Axiom Insights

Start-up by DESY
Axiom Insights helps research teams in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drugs using a high-tech imaging platform.
Portraitfoto von CLASS 5


Start-up by DESY
With their specialised laser systems, CLASS 5 helps scientists worldwide to explore ultrashort and ultrarapid processes on the femtosecond scale (10^-15 sec) in solid-state structures and molecules.
Portraitfoto von Cycle


Start-up by DESY
Cycle GmbH develops femtosecond lasers and precision measurement systems based on them which help customers in science and industry to come up with new applications in biology, materials analysis and measurement science.
Portraitfoto von PiNa-Tec


Hosted by DESY
PiNa-Tec´s bio-nanotech products help life scientists detect (and identify) substances more easily and quickly.
Portraitfoto von PixelBiotech


Hosted by DESY
PixelBiotech develops single-molecule genetic testing technologies and platforms based on artificial intelligence. Their mission is to democratise genetic testing by making it accurate, universal, affordable and accessible.
Portraitfoto von Wired Sense

Wired Sense

Supported by DESY
WiredSense makes infrared and terahertz radiation visible. Their pytro detectors are optimized for use in research and development and can be easily integrated into existing optical assemblies.
Portraitfoto von X - SPECTRUM


Start-up by DESY
X - SPECTRUM helps to design, manufacture and distribute innovative X-ray camera systems for international synchrotron radiation sources.