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The Innovation & Transfer staff group is responsible for various projects, their planning and implementation. Therefore, ITT partners in several funded projects. The various projects aim to promote cooperation between science and industry in the sense of open innovation as well as innovation and entrepreneurship or to accelerate the transfer of technology and knowledge from basic research to application.

Our Partners

3D-Druck Nord

DESY, FEHRMANN Tech Group, Fraunhofer IAPT and IHK Lübeck are the partners in the network “3D-Druck Nord” to promote 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the Hamburg metropolitan region. The aim is to connect science and companies in northern Germany on the topic of 3D printing and to leverage the full potential of additive manufacturing. Innovation & Technology Transfer at DESY organizes the "3D-Druck Dienstag", every 3rd Tuesday of the month a compact webinar at lunchtime. Talks by and for members and interested participants encompass questions such as: What potential does 3D printing technology have for my company? How do I integrate 3D printing technology into existing company processes? Which scientific partners can I turn to in my search for technological solutions?

For more information check out the LinkedIn group "3D-Druck Nord"

AiF InnovatorsNet

AiF InnovatorsNet is a network of companies, start-ups, universities, research institutions and associations that strive for innovation. It promotes the exchange among its’ members and offers information on research topics, industry trends and trainings related to innovation and funding. The possibility to initiate cooperations with companies and start-ups interested in industry-related research via AiF is of great interest for DESY's transfer division.



DESY also cooperates with ARIC, the association to promote the adoption of AI in the Hamburg region. Both partners want to initiate new projects in the fields of machine learning and AI in order to harness the potential of these technology solutions.

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"beyourpilot - Startup Port Hamburg" is an interactive digital communications platform for knowledge-based high-tech spin-offs of research institutes in the Hamburg metropolitan region. It connects online with offline, conventional knowledge resources with personal consultation, and everything to the expertise provided by the participating institutions. beyourpilot is a joint project of DESY, HAW Hamburg, TU Hamburg and the university of Hamburg. Founders who participate in the beyourpilot project are individually advised by an expert in their field and can gain access to a wide range of resources through the program’s network.

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Renewable Energy Hamburg

The cluster “Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg e.V.” (Renewable Energy Hamburg) is a regional industry network for future energy systems and consists of around 220 members from industry and research. In addition to wind energy and energy supply, the network has also integrated the hydrogen economy sector under the name Hydrogen Hamburg @ EEHH in 2021. Its members include companies and organizations from energy supply, financial services, research, logistics, project development, regulatory affairs as well as hydrogen producers, distributors and consumers. As a member, DESY contributes its scientific expertise regarding renewable energy to the industry network and gains access to the innovation resources of the cluster to network in innovation and research projects – be it in the context of the European research landscape or through cooperation with highly innovative SMEs and industry-relevant start-ups.


Health Innovation Port

The Health Innovation Port (HIP) is the incubator for health-related start-ups in Hamburg by PHILIPS. The cooperation with DESY features for example mutual workshops and seminars for the start-ups located on each campus. are jointly offered on site. In addition, DESY start-ups can use facilities or resources at the HIP and vice versa. The HIP was founded in 2017 by PHILIPS and the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and is Hamburg's first collaboration space focusing on eHealth, health and medical technology.

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DESY cooperates with the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB) via the Innovation & Technology Transfer department. The goal is to optimize technology and knowledge transfer from research to industry and to promote more technology-based start-ups. On behalf of the City of Hamburg, the IFB Hamburg offers funding for innovative ideas. The cooperation with DESY in the field of high-tech start-ups is intended to strengthen this high-risk field for entrepreneurs.

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InnoPIP – “Development of innovative prevention and intervention strategies against pandemics”

The InnoPIP-network aims to develop novel ideas for curbing the spread of worldwide pandemics caused by emerging pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. Funded through the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) by the German Ministry of Economics, the program is organized by EurA AG, a service provider for the management of high-tech networks. Other network members from research include the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research HZI. DESY joins the network with its unique research infrastructure of highly complex particle accelerators such as PETRA III, where new materials and substances can be studied at molecular resolution and during processes. This can significantly contribute to develop new active substances faster than usual.


Life Science Nord

The cluster organization Life Science Nord is the regional industry network in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The aim is to promote cooperation between business, science and politics in a targeted manner and to increase the international visibility of the life science location of northern Germany. DESY acts as a research and cooperation partner within the cluster. Especially the large-scale research facilities are of interested to other cluster members – for example, with regard to biological structural research at DESY’s light source PETRA III. The innovation ecosystem on DESY’s research campus is also relevant for start-ups and companies from life sciences. DESY creates points of contact and networking opportunities.



LINX is an innovation platform within the field of materials – i.e. working with products, process equipment etc. The Copenhagen-based association has the goal to link companies in the material sector with research partners. Research with X-rays and neutrons in particular provides insights that can directly benefit innovations in materials science. LINX actively promotes the collaboration between industrial companies and scientific research organizations aimed at creating tangible commercial value.


Quantum Business Network

Quantum Business Network (QBN) brings together people from academia, industry and politics and provides its members growth acceleration and technological advancements through industry collaborations and technology and knowledge transfer. DESY contributes with developments of applications for scientific computing with quantum technology. Ultimately from the high-end demands of physics in terms of computing different applications in industrial settings will take shape.


Science|Business Network

The Brussels-based Science|Business Network is a unique forum which brings together leading organisations from the worlds of industry, research, innovation and policy making, both at EU and national levels. Through the Network, DESY contributes to high-level public debates, builds new partnerships and shares knowledge within the context of EUpolicies and programmes which aim to connect science and business to foster innovation and economic growth.


TH Wildau

The Technical University of Applied Sciences (TH) Wildau and DESY cooperate in the fields of innovation and spin-offs. The objective is to strengthen the transfer activities and innovative power of the two largest scientific organizations in the Dahme-Spreewald region for a positive impact on the high-tech location in the southeast of Berlin.

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TransferAllianz is the German association for knowledge and technology transfer and brings together universities, national research institutions and transfer service providers in a nationwide network. TransferAllianz offers a wide variety of services ranging from exchange of experience and training courses as well as technology offers in its own Invention Store to advocacy and participating in developing the political framework. Via the TransferAllianz, DESY is also a member of the European transfer association ASTP Proton.



DESY and the WIRTSCHAFTS-SENIOREN-BERATEN e.V. association. (WSB) have concluded a cooperation agreement that focuses in particular on promoting innovative start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For example, the members of the WSB advise deep-tech spin-offs of DESY and other partners on the Bahrenfeld research campus on specific questions about spin-offs but also about company growth. Former managers, entrepreneurs from industry, trade, crafts, the service sector and various liberal professions are involved in the WSB on a voluntary basis.

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