Project Kick-Off


Transferring scientific software solutions strategically

DESY, together with the Helmholtz Center DZNE, the GZF German Research Centre for Geosciences* and Saarland University, is currently implementing the project "SoftWert”. This is funded by the Ministry for education and Research. Together the partners are developing a methodological toolkit for the transfer of scientific software from basic research institutions to other areas of application within research, but also for use in the private sector. Individual software solutions with a potential of scalability are regularly developed in science.

*Update: new partner since 2021

However, the distribution and use of this software is linked to different requirements from licensing regulation, open source licenses and compatibility to software patenting and more. A methodological toolkit will be developed within the project "SoftWert", which contains guidelines and strategies for software developers and Innovation Managers working in transfer departments. New software solutions can then be developed by the developers in the research department in accordance with the necessary legal requirements from the very beginning, so that the innovative solutions can be used as quickly as possible and safely by other research areas or industry. Software in the field of complex networked systems or artificial intelligence (AI) should thus be made available for further research or transferred to industrial application more quickly and reliably, e.g. in the context of pandemic prevention or drug research.


  • 2020/11/10

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