01 December 2020

Funding for special coatings project

The Enterprise fund, the spin-off program of the Helmholtz Association, is supportng a DESY project by scientists Mehdi Ramin Moayed and Kai Schlage to establish a spin-off coompany.

The project will officially start on February 1st, 2021. The funding amounts to 260,000 EUR over the course of a 14 months period.

The core of the business idea is to offer a coating service based on two innovative thin-film coating facilities developed at DESY with a patented solution approach. Currently, the team is conducting a market study to determine the exact requirements and potential customers for special coatings, for example for magneto sensors. The high-precision coatings can be used to functionalize a wide variety of materials and to homogeneously coat both planar and three-dimensional objects. Especially scientists and engineers from research and industry in the fields of optics, electronics, sensor technology and medical technology can benefit from this service. After two pilot projects scheduled for the first half of 2021 project managers Ramin Moayed and Schlage expect the spin-off to launch in September 2021. The DESY Start-up Office is already providing advice on all questions concerning applications for funding, business plans and other questions in regard to entrepreneurship.

The technology of thin-film coating at oblique incidence, developed and patented at DESY, has a great advantage: With comparatively few settings, functionalities can be created by using different coating materials and their respective angles of incidence during the coating process. The team can implement a comparatively low production time, consistently high quality and a flexible 3D coating option. The various coatings are produced at DESY in specially developed and patented coating systems, so-called sputter chambers.


  • 2020/11/30

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