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Wired Sense receives funding for the devlopment of a new detector

As of February, WiredSense founders Thomas Gebert and Matthias Budden are stepping up work on their latest venture in the field of materials analysis and will receive a grant by the prestigious InnoRampUp funding from Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank. The program is geared towards highly innovative startups.

This program aims to strengthen Hamburg's startup scene and promotes the development of promising local companies. WiredSense has already been founded in 2018. The first product: an optimized and cost-effective radiation detector for use in research laboratories, which the founders developed entirely alongside their full-time work at the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter. Their goal at this point in time: A cost effective and simple solutions for users in the lab, they designed their first product with themselves and their peers as customers in mind.

Now WiredSense will shift its focus to new ventures. "Of course, our original detectors are still available," Matthias Budden explains, "but in our new project, which builds on our first product development, we want to make the analysis of a wide variety of material compositions simpler, more reliable and cheaper beyond the scope of research applications." Having recently completed his PhD, he will work start working full time for WiredSense, Thomas Gebert will be working part time for WoredSense and still holding his position at the Max-Planck Institute. In addition, there is a small team that is expected to grow. "We are glad to have a direct connection to research, via Thomas' position at Max Planck Institute and of course, with the location on DESY'y research campus. Feedback and networking with scientists is enormously important for us to develop this cutting edge technology," says Matthias Budden.

Wired Sense's office is located in the DESY Innovation Village directly on the research campus in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, where they are a part of the grwong start-up ecosystem. The DESY Start-up Office will continue to consult WiredSense On all questions regarding company development.

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  • 2021/02/01

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