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DESY wins "Hamburg 2040" award

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce honors with DESY for the first time a thought leader from Hamburg who is pushing the innovation strategy "Hamburg 2040"

DESY received the inaugural "Hamburg 2040" award at the Hamburg Business Summer Party at Millerntor Stadium. With this award, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce honors companies, institutions or individuals who are actively shaping the future of Hamburg, demonstrating innovative capabilities and advancing the city in line with the Hamburg 2040 strategy developed by the Chamber of Commerce. A jury with representatives from science, business, media and politics chose the institution. In his laudatory remarks, Norbert Aust, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, praised "the immense importance of DESY in the networking of business and science in the region, but also in the world. DESY stands for innovation and the development of new technologies relevant to society like no other institution in Hamburg. The research lab attracts more than 3,000 researchers from all over the world to our city every year."

Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors, is delighted to be the first winner to receive the 'Hamburg 2040' award on behalf of DESY: "At DESY, we are very proud of this award. It is not only special to be the first winner of any award. It clearly shows: basic research is the starting point for innovations that benefit society and the economy. It also shows: our activities in the field of innovation and transfer are not only successful in Hamburg, but also visible. For us, the 'Hamburg 2040' award is a great incentive to continue building and strengthening the network between science and business. My sincere thanks go to the jury."

"We are very pleased about our first ‘Hamburg 2040’ winner. DESY stands for world-class research and has a significant impact on the on the future competitiveness and innovative strength of the business location. For example, it paves the way for future innovations and improved technologies in the economy by promoting deep-tech technologies in the Bahrenfeld start-up labs and the use of X-ray light. We hope to see many 'Innovations made in Hamburg - powered by DESY' in the future," says Norbert Aust, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, explaining the choice of DESY.

"The innovation ecosystem we are shaping on and around the DESY campus is having an impact," says Arik Willner, CTO at DESY, assessing this award. "For us, it is an incredible success that shows that DESY's sustainable impact is extremely relevant for Hamburg. Our innovation activities, also in the context of the Hamburg platform 'beyourpilot', the innovation center 'Start-up Labs Bahrenfeld', the planned technology and start-up center 'DESY Innovation Factory' and a multitude of other collaborations and projects: All this contributes to making 'Hamburg 2040' a reality at DESY."

The five-member jury consisting of Chamber of Commerce President Prof. Norbert Aust, Second Mayor Katharina Fegebank, University of Hamburg Vice President Prof. Dr. Jetta Frost, Abendblatt Editor-in-Chief Lars Haider and this year's Summer Festival Host FC St. Pauli President Oke Göttlich, had unanimously decided in favor of DESY after reviewing the shortlist. In the future, the award will be presented every year during the summer festival by the chamber of commerce. Further information on the location strategy 'Hamburg 2040' and the award of the same name can be found at:


  • 2022/07/07

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