Towards energy transition

DESY becomes a member of the cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg (EEHH)

DESY will contribute its scientific expertise regarding renewable energy to the industry network for renewable energy and hydrogen in the Hamburg metropolitan region

The cluster “Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg e.V.” (Renewable Energy Hamburg) is a regional industry network for future energy systems and consists of around 220 members from industry and research. In addition to wind energy and energy supply, the network has also integrated the hydrogen economy sector under the name Hydrogen Hamburg @ EEHH in 2021. Its members include companies and organizations from energy supply, financial services, research, logistics, project development, regulatory affairs as well as hydrogen producers, distributors and consumers.

As a member, DESY gains access to the innovation resources of the cluster to network in innovation and research projects – be it in the context of the European research landscape or through cooperation with highly innovative SMEs and industry-relevant start-ups.

"We are pleased to get to know innovators in the field of renewable energies and hydrogen via the cluster. Future topics in the energy sector such as hydrogen processes and storage, battery research and wind power are highly relevant for DESY and offer enormous potential to jointly drive innovation projects forward," says Dr. Sabine Brock, Industry Relations Manager at DESY.

Scientific research at DESY in this field includes studies on the storage of hydrogen and an X-ray view of hydrogen production.

(Credit: Mediaserver Hamburg – Doublevision / Konstantin Beck)


  • 2022/02/15

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