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The CAROTS 2.0 STARTUP SCHOOL offers coaching and webinars for scientists interested in discovering their entrepreneurial potential

From 4th February, 2022 to 10th April, 2022 scientists, and engineers who work as researchers at a university or other research institution can apply for one of ten places at the CAROTS STARTUP SCHOOL. Everyone with an idea for a new scientific service company, or CARO short for commercial analytical research organisation, based on an advanced analytical technique, for example at a large-scale research infrastructure such as a synchrotron or a neutron source or in collaboration with a university, is welcome to apply.

A place at the STARTUP SCHOOL includes individual coaching sessions with some of Europe’s leading CEOs of Scientific Service Companies as well as a webinar program teaching everything worth knowing to make the jump from scientist to entrepreneur. Participants will also get the opportunity to join a European network of like-minded people and successful scientific service companies. Online 1 to 1-coachings and monthly webinars will start in May 2022 through to October 2022. Scientific Service Companies act as innovative problem solvers and facilitate applicable tailor-made solutions to industrial and societal challenges involving industry and academia. As intermediaries, they lower the burden for businesses (particularly SMEs) to get in touch with research infrastructures. Being knowledgeable about research instruments and methods are a key feature of their competence. Solving societal challenges, like the current Covid-19 pandemic or climate change, requires such a fast translation of scientific insights into innovative remedies, products, and processes.

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About Scientific Service Companies and what is new for 2022
Scientific service companies, act as intermediary bodies between industry and academia, providing enterprises with much quicker yet complete assistance in analytical research in the fields of e.g. New Materials, Nanotech, and Life Sciences. New for 2022 the program will also call for applications from data analysis scientists and encourage more applications from female entrepreneurs.

The STARTUP SCHOOL CAROTS 2.0 has been made possible in close collaboration with the DESY Innovation Factory, the integrated technology and start-up center by DESY. The programme is led by DESY, the Helmholtz Association and Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon.

If you have any questions regarding program details, scientific service companies, and our team of CEOs you can contact: Dr. Uwe Sassenberg, CAROTS 2.0 Start-up School project lead. Email:

In case of organizational questions, please contact Dr. Fateme Jaleh, CAROTS 2.0 Start-up School project, coordinator. Email:


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