Working together in AI

DESY and ARIC cooperate

New cooperation for AI and machine learning: DESY and the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V.

DESY and the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC). are now officially cooperating. ARIC, founded in Hamburg in September 2019, is focusing on advancing development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Hamburg metropolitan region. A key aspect of the cooperation between DESY and ARIC is to identify new developments in the field of AI with the aim of structuring knowledge transfer from science to industry and vice versa.

Both partners are looking into initiating new projects in the context of AI, where participants from basic research and industry work together. Likewise, cooperation is to take place in the acquisition of regional, national or even international funding.

Today, machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence are indispensable tools in many areas of physics in order to gain new insights, for instance, to identify special events in detectors or the evaluation of measurements at free-electron lasers and the synchrotron. DESY has a great deal of expertise to offer in these two fields, so that there should be many staring and references points here.

More information on ARIC canbe found here.


  • 2020/05/19

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