Steering and Controlling



The Micro TCA Technology Lab at DESY is a prime example of successful technology transfer, where science and industry have been working hand in hand for many years. The facility, which belongs to the Helmholtz Innovation Labs, develops wide-ranging, versatile, precise and extremely reliable communication electronics that can be used not only in particle accelerators but also, for example, in industrial automation.

Highest demands require highest precision. This is provided by the electronics standard MicroTCA.4, which was significantly co-developed by DESY and is based on a common telecommunications standard (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture). Besides, it was adapted for controlling the European X-ray laser European XFEL. The high demands placed on the operation of such a large-scale research facility have necessitated further development with regard to safety, remote control and redundancy operation. Currently, the open electronics standard MicroTCA.4 not only guarantees the safe operation of the particle accelerator for the European XFEL, it is also already being used by other research institutes in Germany and abroad as well as by numerous industrial companies.


The Micro TCA Technology Lab team has been working successfully for several years with various renowned companies in the electronics industry. CAENels, N.A.T., Schroff (PENTAIR), Power Bridge, Rohde & Schwarz, BEVATECH and elspec are industrial cooperation partners. 10 members of the Tech Lab team implement contract developments, measurement services, consulting for the assembly of new systems, training, and test mode and quality inspections.

The annual Micro TCA Workshop, which takes place every year at the beginning of December is firmly established .It been attended by around 200 participants in recent years.


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