One-Time Analysis: Using Beamtime

One-Time Analysis: Using Beamtime

A company that needs synchrotron radiation for its research, for example to investigate materials or active substances at the atomic level or to optimize manufacturing processes, often needs a large-scale research facility, which it does not have. DESY offers these companies access to its X-ray radiation source, PETRA III, where industrial users can secure flexible and direct beam time. The Innovation and Technology Transfer Department (ITT) develops tailor-made, individual services depending on the specific requirements. The associated feasibility study is carried out free of charge by DESY and offers further investigations as required.

In recent years, companies from the pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, electrical, and aerospace industries have carried out experiments at DESY. PETRA III focuses on all six major areas: Health, Energy, Earth and Environment, Transport and Space, Key Technologies, and Enabling Technologies. For example, high-energy X-ray light was used to determine how to make plastic sealing rings more durable and safer. It has helped to improve fertilizers by showing where and how many trace elements are in leaves and other parts of plants. It has revealed the atomic structure of proteins that serve as the basis for new drugs. And it pointed out the smallest flaws and irregularities in new materials for cars and airplanes.

Research using PETRA III accelerates the innovation cycles of industry and increases value creation.

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In addition to arranging for companies to work at the large-scale research facilities, DESY also offers opportunities to use its highly specialized NanoLab. There companies can explore the micro- and nano-structure of materials and processes in various laboratories with the help of experienced DESY scientists, or prepare samples for analysis at the large-scale research facility.

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Expertise and facilities: Workshops

On request, DESY will also make other areas of its extensive infrastructure available, provided that there is available capacity. Pristine rooms, for example, for independent work. We also offer highly specialized workshops, which are optimally equipped for the production of complex prototypes, or testing facilities for quality tests, which come with the expertise of DESY employees.

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