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Licenses through DESY

License agreements give commercial enterprises access to DESY's technologies and know-how. At DESY, license revenues flow directly into a fund for the promotion of future innovations, thereby benefitting society through further advancements. Such licenses are often granted directly as the result of a collaboration with industry. Participating companies are therefore allowed to use DESY technology or the acquired expertise for a limited period. However, the rights to the inventions remain with the research center, as DESY patents are not sold. Other research institutions can also use DESY licenses – in most cases free of charge.


Company Licenses

At DESY, there are new ideas almost every day that lead to inventions, processes, and technologies. Many of these DESY technologies can be used by companies through licenses.

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Questions about Licenses?

Please contact Ilka Mahns, Head of the Technology Transfer Office.

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