Why work together with DESY?

There are many good reasons for companies to use DESY's excellent research infrastructure. In particular, small and medium-size companies whose research departments do not have the necessary technologies gain access to the relevant equipment, as well as the experienced scientists and engineers who operate it. In this way, companies benefit from the expert knowledge of DESY researchers while building up their own technological competencies. This strengthens the innovation performance of a company and increases its competitiveness. In addition, companies benefit from the entire research ecosystem on campus, where they can also exchange ideas and knowledge with researchers from other institutions and companies.

The Technology Transfer Office of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Department connects you with DESY scientists and helps foster collaboration.

Science-Industry Collaborations

We offer industrial partners collaborations in the following areas:

  • Medical technology and diagnostics
  • Laser-based technologies
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Electronics, communication and automation technologies
  • Detector- and sensor technologies
  • Accelerator-based technologies
  • New and complex materials
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical

Feel free to contact us if you come from another area and see a possible collaboration with DESY.
Collaborations at DESY range from short-term projects, such as material testing, to long-term research collaborations, such as the MicroTCA Lab for the development and use of electronic standards. These cooperative efforts can even lead to the founding of a new company. Or a license could be issued to use the collaborative findings to launch a product in the market.

Financing Options: Funding of collaborative projects

There are various sources of funding for joint projects between research and industry, such as the Helmholtz Association's Initiative and Networking Fund, the Federal Government's Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM), and the PROFI Standard of the Investitions- und Förderbank Hamburg. DESY has a lot of experience applying for such funds and is happy to share knowledge with its business partners.

Do you have questions about collaborations with DESY?

Ilka Mahns, Head of the Technology Transfer Offices, will be happy to answer these.

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