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Carots 2.0 Startup School

The CAROTS 2.0 STARTUP SCHOOL offers coaching and webinars for scientists interested in discovering their entrepreneurial potential

Carots Startup School

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After the successful start of the pilot poroject CAROTS STARTUP SCHOOL the program is in its second year under the name CAROTS 2.0. The aim is to provide scientists with key competencies for founding their own scientific service companies (SSCs). These act as intermediaries between industry and science and offer companies rapid and comprehensive support in analytical research, e.g. in the fields of new materials, nanotechnology and life sciences.

Through five tailored webinars and two 1:1 CEO coaching sessions, participants will get the chance to contribute innovative ideas, work on prototyping, and network and exchange ideas with professionals and peers from similar fields. After completing the program, they will create a short business plan and deliver a pitch in front of a jury.

The program addresses scientists from the fields of materials science, nanotechnology, life sciences and, this year for the first time, data analytics, who are interested in becoming a "sciencepreneur" and applying their scientific skills in a business context.

The STARTUP SCHOOL CAROTS 2.0 has been made possible in close collaboration with the DESY Innovation Factory, the integrated technology and start-up center by DESY. The program is led by DESY, the Helmholtz Association and Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon. CAROTS 2.0 is currently ongoing. The application deadline for 2023 will be communicated in due time.

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If you have any questions regarding program details please contact: Dr. Uwe Sassenberg, CAROTS 2.0 Startup School project lead.